Conversations with Random People

I was talking about to this guy who likes the show New Girl, which I love too. I’m a total Jess in that I’m an education major. Very girly! She’s pretty much my twin.

Anyway we were discussing the scene where Nick says he loves growing older because he feels like he’s growing into his personality.

New Girl

We both agreed that we couldn’t wait to grow older and this was our conversation.

Me: I’m going to be a great old lady. I love crafts, I like kids and buying them stuff.

Dude: Don’t forget about retirement!

Me: Retirement is going to be the bomb!! I can’t wait! Plus you can be grumpy and no one judges you about it because they’re like “you’re old.”

Dude: Are you going to make food for people. Because that’s what most older women do.

Me: Why?  Why do I have to feed people?

Dude: That’s just what older ladies do! They make food for others.

Me: I mean if I have to make food for someone I will, but I’m not doing this on a daily basis.

Dude: I think they make food for people for fun.

Me: Why can’t these people feed themselves? Why do I have to do it?

Dude: I don’t know.

Me: Do older men make food for people?

Dude: No we just chill and watch television, fish with our grandkids and fart.

Me: I’ve changed my mind I want to be an old man, not an old lady.