The problem with winter is…

My problem and general stance on winter is that I become a bear. Almost quite literally because for some reason in the winter it’s harder to shave your legs. Actually for me, doing anything in the winter becomes harder. Studying, moving, and anything that requires effort is like running a marathon.


I made this last night. Took me literally two hours. I’m that good. Or maybe that bad. I’m not sure…

In the winter I  also start crocheting again. All I want to do is sleep and crochet. Doing anything else bums me out, and I want to take my crocheting everywhere I go. Yesterday I went with my friends to the Cram Jam Fest at Kennesaw State and I hid the hat I was crocheting in my bag just in case I got bored and wanted to work on it. I was highly disappointed that the scene looked too cool for crochet enthusiasts.

Which, by the way, is it’s own story.

Kennesaw State University was having a Cram Jam Fest at the Commons late last night. I didn’t know about it until my friend told me the night before. I had seen signs, but they all had zombies, blood and guts on them. I had figured they were leftover signs from Halloween that no one took down. I didn’t bother reading them because, as you know,  reading requires effort.

So I go with my friends thinking that it’s just a study session, and when I arrive there is a huge line of college students in front of the Commons. When we finally get inside, we see the Commons is decorated like a club.  The lighting is extremely dark  with red lights everywhere, and there is loud rap music playing. I just kept thinking “I thought we were supposed to be studying? How can I study in this?”

When the lines finally died down I decided to go get a flannel cake and brownie that were right next to the dance floor. And yes there was a dance floor!  Because at all study sessions have a dance floor.

I finally have my food in my hands and this guy comes up to me and starts twerking against me. I’m not a rude person, but when you start to put your butt up against my food, we’re going to have a problem. I was just like “Dude I have food! Leave me alone!”

He was like “Ah girl you know you like it.”

I just want to make it very clear that when a girl looks a you disgusted that you put your rear near her food, it means she wants to kill you. Not that she has a secret desire for you. I just want to make that very clear if anyone is confused on that.



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