Here’s To The Crazy Ones – Happy 12th Birthday, iPod!



The very first Apple iPod commercial . . . EVER!

On this very day in 2001, the original iPod was released and would soon change my life, and yours, forever. Not only did music listening become more convenient than we ever thought possible, but the music industry took a huge turn and would never, ever be the same.

CD stores slowly saw their demise. Radio relevance was under serious watch. The internet was inevitably becoming the main song hub, and MTV stopped playing music videos. What else changed? Album art. Record releases. Audio production. Sales. Careers. Lives. And EVERYTHING to follow.

There have been 24 different iPods released since it was first introduced to the world, and some believe it may now become obsolete. Within the last couple of weeks, Apple has released new iPhones, new iOS, new iPads, and new computers – but there has not been a new…

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