Yesterday my family and I got up super early (4:15 am) to get to St. Augustine Florida for my cousin’s wedding.

I don’t believe I mentioned it before but I’m the oldest of six children with only one brother. Now I know what you’re going to say. “That’s a ton of kids!” “That poor boy.”
Well yes it is and don’t feel sorry for him. He’s fine and has gotten a lot of sympathy over his life for it.

But traveling in a surburban for 8 hours with 7 other people is stressful!

But it was a beautiful wedding!






Here’s To The Crazy Ones – Happy 12th Birthday, iPod!



The very first Apple iPod commercial . . . EVER!

On this very day in 2001, the original iPod was released and would soon change my life, and yours, forever. Not only did music listening become more convenient than we ever thought possible, but the music industry took a huge turn and would never, ever be the same.

CD stores slowly saw their demise. Radio relevance was under serious watch. The internet was inevitably becoming the main song hub, and MTV stopped playing music videos. What else changed? Album art. Record releases. Audio production. Sales. Careers. Lives. And EVERYTHING to follow.

There have been 24 different iPods released since it was first introduced to the world, and some believe it may now become obsolete. Within the last couple of weeks, Apple has released new iPhones, new iOS, new iPads, and new computers – but there has not been a new…

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Conversations with Random People

I was talking about to this guy who likes the show New Girl, which I love too. I’m a total Jess in that I’m an education major. Very girly! She’s pretty much my twin.

Anyway we were discussing the scene where Nick says he loves growing older because he feels like he’s growing into his personality.

New Girl

We both agreed that we couldn’t wait to grow older and this was our conversation.

Me: I’m going to be a great old lady. I love crafts, I like kids and buying them stuff.

Dude: Don’t forget about retirement!

Me: Retirement is going to be the bomb!! I can’t wait! Plus you can be grumpy and no one judges you about it because they’re like “you’re old.”

Dude: Are you going to make food for people. Because that’s what most older women do.

Me: Why?  Why do I have to feed people?

Dude: That’s just what older ladies do! They make food for others.

Me: I mean if I have to make food for someone I will, but I’m not doing this on a daily basis.

Dude: I think they make food for people for fun.

Me: Why can’t these people feed themselves? Why do I have to do it?

Dude: I don’t know.

Me: Do older men make food for people?

Dude: No we just chill and watch television, fish with our grandkids and fart.

Me: I’ve changed my mind I want to be an old man, not an old lady.

Exercise is stupid. It’s not, but it is.


I really don’t understand people who love to exercise. I mean, I would love to be one of those women that gets excited to get up early and run. I will do a lot of  thinking about getting up and running. I will even set my alarm, but I as soon as I wake up early the next morning that urge is gone. I go straight back to sleep.

BUT! I decided that type of attitude won’t help me in life. Because even though I am in good lean shape now, I possibly won’t be in the same shape when I’m 30 or 40 (also I have to go to wedding and I figured it wouldn’t be the worse thing to lose a couple of pounds). So I decided to take an exercise class. It kicked my butt.  I seriously felt like crying at the end, I was so ashamed and sore. And I just went to the orientation that is only 30 minutes long!!!! Tomorrow I’m supposed to go for an hour and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it. I am so sore from that 30 minute class that I can hardly move.

And today I had to work!! I can’t walk without crying, so I am silently pushing myself to move around at work. I had to mop the floor and it was some serious kind of torture for my arms. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to punish someone.

The place I work at has this really old janitor mops that, in my opinion, really doesn’t pick up any dirt.  My arms were extremely sore from doing 30 pull-ups, and every time I would swing that heavy mop around, a sharp aching pain went through my arms.

The only thing that got me through it was that I kept thinking of a scene from Disney’s Pocahontas 2. The scene has this old man complaining about mopping the deck of the ship. He keeps yelling “I’m swabbing! Everybody look I’m swabbing!”

It just reminded me of my situation because I felt like my body was falling apart like an old person’s. And I was being forced to mop this room that wasn’t going to get clean because we have a crappy mop. I decided that I was just going to pretend that I was that old man and that the party room I was mopping was the ship. I start screaming the “swabbing” line around the room and then my manager walks into the room and says “Floyd, what are you doing?”

I then. you know, smile and mention it’s from Pocahontas 2. Which apparently she hasn’t seen. I mean it’s obviously not as good as the first movie, but you should still see it. The bad guy from Titanic is John Rolfe!!! But my obsession for Pocahontas is for a different day.

But I guess that’s how you get through things. You pretend you’re a cranky old man from a movie instead of dealing with the reality that you are a 20-year-old girl/woman who is in terrible shape and needs to do more pull-ups.

Concluding, I don’t know how those crazy actresses and models do it. Looking so gorgeous and saying “Oh I’m addicted to my workout plan.” Because for me, that addiction is just messed up. The best kind of addiction would most likely be sitting on your couch watching t.v. with some chips and a coke. I obviously don’t do drugs.

my success with dudes.

I have found that if I actually like someone, like really into someone, they never work out. It’s like I have a tiny person in my head who says “Floyd find the most unavailable dude and fall hard for him.” It’s like my talent. A talent that no one wants, but a talent still.

Last night, I had been crushing on this guy from my work for a couple of weeks. And he takes me aside to ask me a question. He’s really cool with a fun personality and just a great attitude about life. I thought that maybe he wanted me to hang out with him.

“So what are you doing tonight?” He said adorably.

I had plans with some friends that night, but I mean if he was going to ask me out I was totally going to bail on them. But before I could answer he said.

“Would you like to make an extra hours pay and cover my shift.”

Well shoot. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

“Because I have a date tonight, and I really want to get out of here early so I can shower before I pick her up.”

I have a great poker face because I smiled and was like “Sure!” I had plans and I was letting the guy I liked go on a date with some other girl. I felt like I was Katherine Heigl from one of her movies. Except I haven’t met my Gerald Butler yet, and I think I deserve Gerald Butler.

Problem is that when a guy actually likes me. I’m not interested anymore. I figure out that I didn’t want that relationship in the first place, or I find a really stupid excuse on why I don’t like them anymore. For example, one guy I dated, I found out that he didn’t like sports and that totally ruined my feelings for him. I was talking to him about going to a Braves game and he was like “Oh I don’t like baseball.”

I remember being really taken back. Sure baseball can be really boring if it’s not an exciting game, but I mean it’s still a great sport. But I decided not to judge too much, and asked if he went to games with friends. Some of my greatest memories are going to Braves games with friends and family. Cheering on the Braves, doing the chop, and eating cotton candy.

“Naw, I find them really boring” he said causally. Not fully understanding how his next few words were going to make or break the relationship.

“But you go with your friends,” I said. “You can talk to them if you get bored.”

He sighed, “I just don’t like going to sport events.”

That totally shocked me. “No sports events!! Not even football!”

Okay now football is usually always an exciting game. People are getting tackled. Refs are being stupid (which I would like to fully understand how they are being stupid) and when you go to a game you become friends with some random person next to you because you’re connected to the game and the team. It’s like the American Dream. You have to love it!!

Maybe I’m being too hard on him, I thought to myself. “Did you go to games with your parents?” Maybe it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t understand or love the game.

“Yeah my parents love football, I just don’t get it.”

And that was it for me. He had absolutely no excuse. His parents had done the right thing and taken him to games. He just didn’t like them. And my feelings went completely away.  We would have no future. Even if it worked out between us and we got married and had kids together. He wouldn’t take our children to games.  I would be the one who would have to explain sports to our little boys. And that would be too much pressure on me to have to explain statistics and sports analogies. To this day, I have no urge to ever go on another date with him.